Grid (DX9) Size Limit

Seems i can only create grids up to 105x106? Anyone else?

edit:actually seems total points on grid cant go much beyond 11,000? Anyone found a workaround?

Much Love,

yes; graphic cards have a limit on how many vertices they can draw in one bunch. use the Inspector to set the DrawSlicewise pin on the grid. This switches to another rendering mode, which draws the slices in little bunches. this is slower, but should work for larger grids.

The high-performance alternative would be using a spread of grids, but you will need to massage your coordinates a bit…

i just checked. Grid (DX9) seems to have troubles with larger grids (indexing gets messed up). but with Grid (EX9.Geometry) you should be able to do much larger grids.

are you using a recent graphic-card? older cards had lower limitations.

i doubt that oschatzens suggestion would do as DrawSliceWise works only on slices but does not slice slices…(if i got it right)

joreg: am running on 7600gs… DrawSliceWise has no effect :(

going to try Grid(EX9.Geom) now :)

hahah… in hindsight my biggest problem was not wanting to let go of ArbitaryPoint - should’ve been using VertexBuffer to start! Go the big grids!!!