Grid deform

Hi all, i’m trying to deform a video stream used as texture on a mesh; i used some patch found in forums to use the pointEditor for mesh deforming, thought i can deform just a 2x2 grid cos i can’t get the right way to pass texture vertex position according to an higher resolution, so if i swith resolution higher, of course, i have wrong texturing for missing info about texture vetex, any hint about it ? thank u all

did you try the GridEditor module already? it comes with vvvv.

not yet cos i didn’t know about it, but i will try it soon, thank u indeed for hint, is there any help patch for it ? F1 on that node doesn’t enlight me :) anyway thank u indeed for interest and hint :)

hi,erro !

the basic idea is that you want to edit a grid manually (via the pointeditor) and store the grid on harddisk when ready.

also have a look at “PointEditor (DX9) help.v4p” for more help concerning the pointeditor.

hope that helps. if you have suggestions concerning the help patch, please tell.

hello :) well the GridEditor is exactly qhat i was looking for, really thanks for hint, i was just reading old posts and none of them was about this nice node :)

could be that the grideditor development was inspired by these posts…

maybe we should really do something like “node of the day” where people can press a shortcut (like ctrl-4) on a node which they love and also do that as much they want to.

after a while a ranking table is generated in the wiki showing the most loved nodes.

or something like that…

ctrl 4: i love
ctrl 5: standard node
ctrl 6: interesting (but never understood how it is supposed to work)
ctrl 7: buggy node

then in the wiki you can sort nodes after those tags or alphabetically or by category or containg a keyword or a combination…

or, everytime you start vvvv, it presents another node to you, so you slowly get to know many of the more obscure nodes you had no idea existed… :)

“node of the day” sounds great

could be similar to many softwares’ “tip of the day/did you know?” feature. best if you can see the next tip also, because if you only get one tip for every startup, assuming you use it every day, it takes you two years to get through all nodes (we stand at about 700, right?)… too long…
also, maybe weight the selection by obscurity or some other measure, don’t know how useful it is to present IOBox or linearspread.