Grey Renderer +(nill) where once it worked

I have an remote install that has reported vvvv being broken on, everything worked, but now the renderer(ex9) is grey and has nill for all its pins.
.net reinstalled, dx9 reinstalled, crack run and looks fine, any other suggestions?
gfx card drivers look fine, I’m a bit lost as to a solution…

ai cat,

strange again. what does tty say?
it should really be related to some graphiccard/driver issue but hard to diagnose from here.

Hi Joreg,
tty was spitting out can’t create device errors or something, I’ve just reinstalled the gfx drivers and its working now, but why it stopped??
Media player worked ok, so I assumed the drivers were working, but I D/L 3d mark, and that didn’t work either, which is when I redid the drivers.
Fun with vnc huh!