Grey directX renderer (also)

hi there

after reading the topic below about the same isseu i am still suffering problems with my direct X renderer.

it is grey, and wont chance to somewhat more vivid images

I am working on an old PC, so maybe that’s the problem but directx9 is installed and working ,cant figure out what it can be,

can anybody help me?


hi artvt,

i also often have problems with my old laptop.

what grafic card or chip do you have?

(i have sis630 graficchip with max. 64 mB SHARED memory :-( )

  • be sure that you use 32bit colour depth.
  • try around with drivers. (in my case: i have to use an older one, the newer ones don’t work with vvvv, the newest ones even produce BSOD)

also try creating a Device (EX9 Auto) node, view it with an Inspektor and set the “Vertex Processing Mode” to ‘Software’.

and create a Renderer (TTY) before creating the Renderer (EX9) to probably get some errormessages.

thanx all for quick reply

for as far as I know I am working on a intel 82815 Graphics controller (I am really a newbie so I am not shure if this is the info you need, if not, where can I find info about my graphics card?)

for kalle

I cant get my monitor higher than true colors 24 bits (seems like wise to buy a new graphicscard I suppose)

wich drivers should I use, what do you recommend?

for joreg

created an Device (EX9 Auto) node and set vertex processing mode to software, but nothing happend

TTY renderer gave me the following error:

destroying textures
device not found
cannot create device try different parameters

nkay…this seems to be a known problem then happening with those old graphiccards. you’ll be more lucky having a faster one.

hellow again

have an other graphics card,
its a matrox grahics mga g100 AGP

still aint much but is better, can do 32 bits treu colors now, but the renderer still is grey
also shaderversiontest does not work

get the following error from TTY renderer

error occured in tmex9device effect externe exception 80000003

nkay. we can do one more test. do those graphiccards have dx9-compliant drivers?

go to Start>Run and type: dxdiag
press enter.

a window pops up with many the third, named “display”. there on the right side under driver the last point reads: “DDI-Version”. what is its value?

if it is 9 (or higher) we should be able to fix it. if it is

thnx joreg, for your help

did the test, DDi versieon is: unknown
so, I think I have to buy a new one.
do you recommend a card for an old pentium3?

checked some more:
the system tab tells me that the directx version is direct X 9c (4.09.0000.0904)

right, so you have dx9c installed but the driver of your graphic card doesn’t seem to be able to use it. neither can vvvv then.

i am not too familiar with hardware…but something around an nvidia geforce3 or an ati-equivalent should do.

iirc the matrox g100 features about 4MB of video ram and was sold around 1999 as the low end solution for business users who didnt need the full performance of a matrox g400.

you will probably not get the full vvvv experience with this card.

the gdi renderer would probably run quite smoothly with the card.

thanx all for the help!!

I boutht a new graphics card (ati radeon 9250)
and it works

thnx a lot