Gregsns wave simulation not working in Beta12

Does anybody have an idea, why gregsns wave simulation is no longer working in Beta12 ?

It is not only the new DX9 as it is still working with the new DX9 and Beta11.1.
The problems seems to be somewhere in the “pix wave shader” … but this is all I can say as I have absolutely no clue about shader programming.


hi markus!

the Queue (Texture) node worked inverse to other Queue nodes. We fixed that with the new version. (and forgot to mention)

so here is the new wave patch working with the new Queue node…


wave.v4p (29.8 kB)

LOL, Yesterday I wanted to show a friend off mine some cool stuff I made in vvvv, one off my patches had the wave-sim, and it looked very bad… problem solved, thnx Joreg!!