Green screen

this is a post from my friend,
did somebody had a similar situation:

but after a while of fiddling with vvvv [few weeks](few weeks) i had suddenly
troubles with the green screen info’ that usually is gone after the
application is finally up.
[it says:the following BETA has been approved for ALL USERS by Meso &
Bestboys of Meso]

this screen just don’t let me work & keeps bugging & cover the
application interface whenever i try to do something.

have u ever experienced that?

after a while, i decided today to uninstall vvvv & than re install it
again. nothing has change - apart from the fact it took my direct x away
:) the green screen still annoying

i hope i explain myself & that u could help with it, i have a screen
shot of what i mean.

thanks a lot

i think something similar occured to another user before. have a look at this: green screen

but it doesn’t give a general solution/analysis of the problem. anyway, maybe it helps you.



had the same problem:

vvvv showed up in taskbar, but no patching window, only green screen.
you have to “install” v4 with administrator privileges, just log into windows as admin, run v4 once, and log in as “normal user” again.
this helped me.

gruss, florian