Graphics hardware for multi-display walls

Hi All,

we are working on a display wall with 4x4 Full HD Monitors and I am thinking about running 4 PCs boygroup for this. I have tested some graphics cards but could need some suggestions for improving the setup.

What i did test so far is a NVIDIA GTX 780 connected to 4 displays and an AMD Firepro W600 also connected to 4 displays. In terms of pure benchmarks the nvidia beats the W600 by miles, but i actually encountered a couple of crashes (bluescreens and complete freezes) on the nvidia when going / leaving fullscreen (could maybe also be an win8 issue… dunno). Didn’t have any problems or crashes on the W600.

So the question is if anyone has suggestions for other graphics cards and or maybe tried running 4 Displays with nvidia (on windows 7) without problems.

edit: has someone tried this?

Using two of those for 16 displays using vvvv?

Hey Ethermamoth,

have you taken a look at the DatapathX4 device for splitting your whole canvas into 4 HD feeds?

I actually run up to five 1080p monitors on a GTX770 under Win7 all the time. One on each of the DVIs and HDMI, and a Zotac splitter on the DisplayPort at 3840x1080 for two more. I’ve had no problems at all related to the GTXs.

Lots of folks here use the Matrox (n)-head-to-go boxes:

(I know there’s a page here on the vvvv website someplace about multiple monitors, but danged if I can find it right now.)

And remember, it is easy to run two cards per system (you won’t want SLI in this case) so you could get eight per PC. I haven’t tried it, but many motherboards are available now that support three cards. How well that will work for you depends on how much CPU power you need for each display, as vvvv is still single-threaded for its internal operations (plugins can use other threads).

And if you want to go nVidia Quadro ($$$) there is a “Mosaic” utility to help with the layout: