Graphical card troubles of capacity

i have a new project, where me and the compagny have exactly the same tower, core power, RAM, and type of graphical card (Saphire ATI 4850)

On this project i m using a lot of shaders ( between 12 and 15), and so renderers. They are mainly hidden in one main patch. I m capturing the image of an IP cam, truth HTML renderer and VHSCRAP. The image is heavely treated graphically. All of this is on one output ( screen) and the final rendering is projected on second output.

My problem is that from my computer to the other one there is less performances and renderers are not working everytime. So patches written at home this augustus are not working.

Mine is a Saphire 4850 512Mo 3G VGA and DVI + HDMI output .
Project graphical card is a Saphire 4850 512Mo 3G 2xDVI + SVHS output, buyed 6 months after the mine.

I discovered that putting physically certain renderers under my renderer screen make them work and refresh them. Sometimes i m obliged to move them physically on the patch to make them work and reappear the image and make rework the all patch.

Now the question:
is there a way to assign to graphical card output a renderer, i mean by patch approach ?
Or will i be obliged to add a second graphical card and put patches on it to make work my project ?

Is there possibility to set FIRST job to be done ( aquire camera video in in HTML renderer) by GPU ?

What is the best approach, and how to be sure that a new 4850 (or more ) will do the job ?

Do both computers have the same windows- and gfx-driver-versions installed?

hi bjoern, yes. same windows xp, same driver cd version. just changing from graphic card to graphic card about the output ( DVI/DVI/SVHS or DVI/VGA/HDMI ).
I have put yesterday my personnal graphic card, and everything works

We will need to buy a new one, or a second graphic card with one more monitor, if there is a way to discard the load on 2 output for the shading work of the renderers. whatv is yoiur opinion about it ?