Graphic Card Spec

Hi all,

I’ve been using vvvv for about 6 months now, and developed a few multi-touch table projects using the software as the engine. Great stuff and this forum has helped me loads!

My current graphics card is quite old and I’m looking to upgrade. I’ve got approximately £150 to spend, and was wondering if anyone could give me any suggestions as to what I should look for in a card, and what is most important for vvvv? I’m a bit confused!


well, just the power is important. i dont think that there is much difference between ati an nvidia anymore.

if you can, get a DX11 not 10.1 compatible card… but for 150 you should get a decent one. look out for some benchmarks in the net.

@ tonfilm - what is the benefit of a dx11 capable card with dx9 software?

@mrboni because no dx9 cards on the market currently, buy the dx11 compatible.

Tom´s Hardware has some good performance charts.

I understand that a card supporting dx11 is likely to be newer and therfore faster than a card supporting dx9/10.

“if you can, get a DX11 not 10.1 compatible card…” doesn’t just sound like buy the newest card you can :)

why not just get an nvidia geforce gtx560 and be happy?

@m4d i have one, good card.

@alg: agreed. best card in this price range imho

I think a Radeon HD 6870 is also worth considering. It performs quite similar, at least according to benchmarks and allows to drive - as far as I know - up to 4 displays in spanmode in Win 7, which is a nono with Nvidia cards.

span mode (called eyefinity in ati marketing talk) works quite well under win7. tested a 6870 from club3d.

that is very true and while i mostly rely on a th2go for that it can be a real advantage to have some spare heads right on the board…