Grab gamepad data while playing a game

I would like to use gamepads to do a visualization of gameplay. I know that there is a gamepad plugin. But I would like to have the players playing the game (the game has to receive the input data) and have VVVV grab this data too and do a visualization with it.

Is it possible to have the game and vvvv as well receiving the input?

Thanks in advance!

hm, have you simply tried that? not sure if HID devices like the gamepad can be listened to by two applications at once…

Hi Joreg,
sadly I have to admit that I didn’t simply test it, because I thought that it can’t work out of the box. I now tried it and amazingly … it simply works :)

I connected the controllers, started the game in windowed mode and it just worked :)

Thanks for your help and sorry for not testing it initially :)

kind regards,