GPU spline spreadable?

I am trying the SplinesGPU library and I can use the Transform pin to apply a spread of transformation to the spline but it seems like it is not possible to apply different textures for each spline or to apply different texture transformations for each spline.
Is it possible or is it a limitation of the actual shader?

hoi io

spreading one instance of a spline.fx with different transformations and textures work here. don’t see, why it shouldn’t work. it’s nothing else than having a box on a constant and spread that.

in case you are referring to texturing the single splines, which you created with via a spread of positions through the dynamic texture, no this won’t work out of the box. to be able to do that, you would have to merge your spread of textures into one big one and lookup the right one per spline. since that’s similar whats happening when you create multiple splines via dynamic texture…