GPU - Nvidia RTX 20** VVVV ( Realtime Raytracing ) | Worth it?

Hey Guys,

im thinking of upgrading my GPU and was wondering if you guys think that there are any advantages with the new Nvidia GPU’s.
Is it worth the extra money? Would features like Realtime Raytracing at some point be usable in VVVV?
Is there any advantage of having a USB-C Display out? Have you bought one - if so why?

Hi, i have recently got a RTX 2080 and i can only say that seems faster at least in my test scenario. I have one patch running at 50fps with 980 Ti and swap to Rtx 2080 and got to 80fps.

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RTX is in DX12 only which ain’t gonna happen for vvvv

thx … so basically no 3dsoftware i use will take advantage of it ( rhino, blender, maybe unity at some point… )
ordered a 2070 will see :)

UE4 already supports RTX, and Unity will come really soon as well I guess (if it isn’t already done yet). Actually nvidia has a gameworks branch of UE4 where they test their newest game/graphics related stuffs.

@gegenlicht Blender is now officially supported in its latest builds (I didnt test 2.79b yet, but 2.8 is for sure)

thx for the info!

short update on my experience with a rtx 2070:
When using Fieldtrip and ParticlesDX11 i have some crashes and very long hang ups while starting help patches. - Sometimes when i add a node like Emitter vvvv will crash - or open several Field Trip help patches it will crash.
Ive had these hangups in shorter forms on a 1070TI but vvvv would always recover, on my 2070 i will need to close vvvv.


I suspected Settings in nvidia Driver to be the problem, i changed these settings and it seems to make vvvv run more stable:
Threaded-Opimization: On
Vsync: Off ( have a 144hz monitor)

Changing these settings appears to help, will update after more testing if this is running stable.


I didnt have any problem so far with 2080, although I ll keep that in mind ! thank you

ha, not any more, now I do have also problem with field trip in particular (or maybe Particles DX11). Especially with this example :


2080 doesnt render nor update the viewport. I tried also @gegenlicht solution, but it didnt help. Although all of mine patches I tried with fieldtrip (mainly raymarching) are working smoothly.

If you have any updates according RTX GPUs and their settings please let me know.

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