Google Sketchup to DAE/Collada


Im struggling to get a Collader fil that i esport from Google Sketchup to import into vvvv succesfully. I’ve tired different settings, setting the model as a group and exporting and then setting the model a s a component and exporting but for some reason it still wont load in vvvv. The Dae in the assets folder works fine as expected and comparing the 2 files they are pretty similar. I’m currently looking at the XML of the one that works and the one that doesn’t to try and figure out why.
Does anyone have any suggestions?

Ive attached the 2 files:



Working and Non Working Dae (3.5 kB)

any luck loading it with the assimp nodes from the addonpack?

i always reexported it with

I think having a lunchtime break may have helped with this.

I checked several models and the origonal vvvv one with this:

and this is what I found.

1: The sketchup model doesnot need to be grouped or made as a component before exporting.

2: The scaling from sketchup doesn’t make obvious sense, the origonal model i was exporting was HUGE, so I outputted models decreasing in size and now it displays.

3: After a few exports and rezizes the scaling seems to be, that if you make a 25mm,25mm,25mm cube in sketchup. Then export it as a DAE and open it in vvvv it measures 1,1,1.

Its a step in the right direction!

Elias, Ill try the other nodes and see how they compare.
Good suggestion Velcrome,ill give that a go aswell.