Google search by image ( from vvvv dx9texture - texture as string )


im trying to figure out a way to send an image from a renderer to google’s search by image function and receive a spread of images “visually similar images”.

Im stuck at HTTP send string. I don’t have any experience in sending any multipart requests.

Found these information’s on this so far:

I simply don’t know how to construct the request send to in vvvv.

:) please tell me how far off I am or if this is simply impossible due to restrictions from google.

Do I need to write it as an image file and read it again? Upload it from a watched folder to a server and send it to google via its URL?

GoogleSearchByImage.v4p (48.1 kB)

Has anyone had a look at this? The project im doing this for is kind of on hold. Still it would be great if anyone could give me a general idea how i need to construct the HTTP(Network Post) part for it to work.

My attempts are basically try n error