Google Earth scene download

does anybody know whether it is possible to download whole scenes/cities from Google Earth? Any hack?

the google 3d warehouse has quite complex stuff.
and it is legally free, you can do whatever you want with it.

in theory something like 3D Ripper DX could work, but googlemaps uses openGL if i am not mistaken, so you better check bing maps or something else with that.

another potential drawback with this way to obtain the model would still probably be violation of multiple TOS clauses… ;)

edit: velcrome has leading!!1 \o/

mistaken! ;) you can choose OpenGL/DX

I ve found tha OGLE OpenGL Extractor can do that.

About TOS clauses, I am not going to actually do it, it is just for personal knowledge and out of pure interest on the matter.

Google Earth (in Windows) at least, dunno about google maps

oh, good. i was too lazy too have a closer look.

also i was just teasing you with the TOS ;)