Good image stiching programm

hi guys I’m working on some high resolution prints and using a modified version of ampops gridwriter for that approach. now I have over 200 “multidimensonal” images slices and would like to automate the stitching process.

so maybe anybody knows a good, simple and free image stitching program. I did a google search but only found a lot of crap.

thanks m9dfukc

what do you mean by stitching program ?

affecting one filter or doing a treatment and having the process done on all other images ? >> GIMP & GAP

assembling as film ?>> virtual Dub

doing a 360 ° ? >> ? >> no idea but look at batch processing in irfan view

with image stitching I mean the process of creating one big image out of many small images like created with the grid writer.

an example:

I have created 100 images a 900 x 900 px - that’s 10 images x * 10 images on the y axis. now I wanna stitch them together to get one big image a 9000 x 9000 px.

Few years ago I had a very simple program that was able to do that in a very easy way – but I can’t remember the name.

hum… i would try autostictht. i m interrested to know to wich point you arrived with it…
and XnView, of course

I will try XnView, autostich didn’t worked … crashed every time I tried it.

much thnaks

i think you can do something with xnview, there is batch process inside also
… tell me how it rocks…

I think ampop wrote a tool to automate the stitching process and was kind enough to pop it on his website:

hey you can use photoshop for that

file->automate->contact sheet

i think there was also a little application from max somewhere around here (not sure if was max), and there should also be a little processing piece of code from marius watz somewhere on the web…

anyway photoshop works perfectly, but there’s a maximum image size limit of about 20000x20000, something like that

hope it helps, cheers

ah, ic.
forget my Hugin hint. this would only work if you had overlap, which you most probably haven’t. the word “stitching” set my mind on a certain wrong track…

[hm, something just happened to my post. nah, it was useless info anyways…forget what i wrote before](hm, something just happened to my post. nah, it was useless info anyways…forget what i wrote before)

hi all,

much thanks for all the informative responses. will try the different solutions toady.

… didn’t know that photoshop can do that.

@bildrbuchi: with multidimensional I mean that the whole images needs to be generated out of x layers on the x-Axis and x layers on the y-Axis.

… thanks defetto for that hint – now I vaguely remember that marius did that some time ago for his processing work … sounds very promising

the mighty & free image magick can to a lot of things. using the convert command with the append option (note: +append and -append for horizontal & vertical stacking respectively) allows you to stitch your image (make horizontal stripes first, then join them vertically to get final image).

thanks diki, sounds good … I know image magick from the server side, used it a lot in my php programms ;) I just was to lame to code something and never use imagemagick out of web context.

… What I would really love to see is something like the processing pdf exporter … just record to screenbuffer and export that later as a pdf ;) … I know I know with some effort there somehow could be done similar things with the various svg exporter patches floating aroundhere – but that seems more like a complicated hack to me ;)

edit: huhu, seems to get a long post - hehe!

have a look at the svg exporter on my user page, no idea about how to automate the pdf side tho’

omg your userpage! what did you do to the hokusai? (hangs in my kitchen that’s why i know it) vvvvicked! how?
svg exporter… definitely have to check that out…
[sorry for the tangent](sorry for the tangent)

vvvvicked lol
it’s a pipet work, if u like that u should have a look here and eventually here

this is actually a huuuge svg, something like 100.000 objects :)

oh and these are all vectors test

ooooh shiny :-) love it! thanks…

ok, back on the topic!

I tried now several options. the first was the ImageSticher Processing Applet from Marius = didn’t work because java could not allocate enough memory (I know the entry in the options menu - didn’t help), same for the programm from ampop! … hmm somehow mysterious … I have 2 gb of memory!! Then I tried photoshop contact sheet - didn’t get that one running properly. Now I will try image magick … hope that works!

edit: ah, forgot to say that autostich also quit because the lack of memory ;(

good luck with imagemagick. remember that there is an 8 bit version that requires less memory to run than the 16 bit version. so unless your images are both large and deep, you can cut some corners (metaphorically speaking).

maybe you want to try this out for me.

for the moment just one stitch per time: input all filenames, specify how many columns you have (i just assumed the tiling was linewise), customname and resizing if wished. standard naming is just first slice + _stitch

comments, recommendation and bugreport appreciated.
(naming, pins, category, etc…)

TileStitcher.dll (20.5 kB)

tnx woei i’ll give it a try and let u know

m9dfukc, what was your problem with ps contact sheet? there should be no problem with that…