Good Capture Card For Full Res Pall

For VJ-ing fun, I want to create a patch (already patching) on 2 seamless edge blended projectors (using awesome Multiscreen Node).

I would like to input the output off my video mixer (edirol V4) into vvvv and add some cool realtime effects over the mix.

So now I am looking for a good capture card that can do this, no idea what to look for, all I know I need full PALL Resolution on at least 25fps, and with the lowest latency.

I know good cards don’t come cheap, I hope I can stick below 250 euro.

Or can I skip the edirol and use a 4 input card straight away?? Or do I need a very good computer for that stuff??

Any advise is welcome!! :)

HI West
i have not done multiscreen on vvvv so might not understand ,but from my humble experience i had to the the opposite getting another output card apart from the dualgraphic output ,something
like firewire , usb to video or vga(
and then get a video splited in 2 and trigger the 2 parts with midi ,i guess that old fashioned way ,
But you want to have an input to your computer , that depends , i have a midle range capture card edius Nx which does not work with vvvv ,i so somepeople on the forum having trobles with the middle and pro range cards , and then i have a 40euro pal video to usb that works fine , if you have a laptop you may get a video to cardexpress or video to firewire you will find those for less than 200 ,


Thnx for the reply.

I am talking about a PCI(express) card, because I think that those cards will save CPU time and have better latency. Also, an Edirol V4 gives composit signal.

For the dual screen part, I can use a PC with 2 SLI graphic cards, so I can even patch a nice/simple interface for controll. Don’t have a suited MIDI-controller (yet).

LOL at the deviding and scratching video sugestion :)
(working with real time video makes it hard to scratch to the future)

Hope some people know a decent brand off capture card.

I’ve got a dfg1394, which is good quality and low latency, appartenly you can run 2 per firewire bus
i have a spectra8 4 channel card, that the quality isnt great on and I’ve only managed 3 ins with.
Look for bt chipsets with capture cards in general, and for uncompressed capture. For the 3 in card I was using a 3000+ AMD and a nvidia 5700 gfx card, seemed to work ok, except for the slightly dubious capture quality!


we had some discussions about this topic here

One expensive firewirecard that dfg1394 is, but I take your word and try to hunt for a Dutch reseller. The Specifications look impressive though!!

But I will also google for the bt chipset.

Nasty to hear your 4 input sprectra isn’t producing any decent results.

I know it should just be trial&error, but I am not the postition to just go and test 10 capture cards…

@oschatz, that topic is sooo 2005 ;) Than again, the dfg1394 is soo 2001 ;)

i use the dfg1394 as well…cool box
but cat, how do u overcome the interlace problem ?

Im fairly sure you can get it do 720x288, thats the method I use for mos capture cards! TBH I dont use it as much as I thought I would, at least partially because it messes up the picvideo codec in vvvv!

Sorry, just reinstalled windows and got picvid and the dfg working.
The dfg will do 768x288x32bit which gets rid of interlace issues.
I had to use filmerit || and drop the merits of the IUY decompressors. after that picvideo was fine again!
Just a heads up!