GlyphInfo (String) doesn't update properly

…it’s position output when you add Input slices.
but you can force the update modifying the size a little.

see patsch

GlyphInfoBug.v4p (9.7 kB)

thanks, fixed for beta>23

hm, i think the bug is still alive but less obvious.

it only appears on high spreadcounts (in a complex patch environment) so i can’t provide a patch demonstrating the bug.

anyway, forcing the update by changing the size as kalle stated still helps.

i confirm:
beta24.1: bug still exists.

my workaround:
Change (String)
OR (Boolean) (in case of spreaded strings)
TogEdge (Animation)
connected to Italic of the GlyphInfo (String).

hardly noticeable.
still a bug.

still if someone would care to show an example of the problem rather than a workaround we could probably fix that.

as said, that is not easy, because the bug only appears in really complex patches here…

i’ll see what i can do