Glowing starfield?

dudes hi!!!, i want to make something like demoscene, how could i make a space scene? i want see stars glowing, and a solar system…any hint? should i use 3d models???

Im still learning yself, so heres my Feable attempt if it helps. I too would be interested in tips on making objects “glow”


glowingStarfield.v4p (12.9 kB)

great, thanks, i imagine it different but your version is nice, dude, du you know how export correctly .X files from blender???

Yeah, ive exported a couple of things with succes, just select your objects and go to export X(DirectX). Ive only done this with simple primitives and theres a clever way of exporting subsets, theres loads of info if you search the forum.

Have fun!