Global send and receive

I assume there is a new clever way to share parameters everywhere in my patch. I can currently only find stuff that sends via serial or network or similar.

Currently I want to share the beat to where it is needed. I have it in a process node and want to receive it in other process nodes.

I used the S+R nodes excessively in good old beta. A clever way to access important values in Gamma within your patch is to have a datatype that holds these values. You can then read and write to this datatype from everywhere.

Have a look at the node workshop “Create a learning game for your kids” workshop from anton.

I that video loads really slow, and it is very diffiult to navigate, at least for me here. Besides it is 3 hours long and although I am sure I would learn a lot, I don’t feel like watching all 3+ hours. Can you point me to a time so I can go there and get the video to load?
I feel this info should be somewhere in the help browser. I mean a very simple example should be enough to get me started. I am sure there are much more cool stuff I can do with datatypes, but right now my needs are simple.


have a look at this :
GlobalValue.vl (11.0 KB)
Global Value is a ProcessNode which wrap a Static Class called GlobalValueContainer.

Also this is somewhat related to what you’re trying to achieve :

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you guys do know that there S/R nodes in gamma? Thay are called S and R [Primitive].

Thanks @lecloneur a bit convoluted but I can see that this could be pretty convenient with more paramters

@gregsn it was not easy to find. When searching for s with advanced enabled, it is quite far down and when you ad a space after s, you get s (ObjecChannel) and the s [Primitive] is not in the list.

And why is that node under advanced?

S (ObjectChannel) is advanced since normally a string channel is enough.

Any idea how to make it more visible? Currently node browser sorting works in a way that all folders come first (categories & types). After all those folders it is the first node-like entry. So it shouldn’t it’s not really hidden. Maybe if you have an idea what’s here, add it to the nodebrowser thread.

"S " (ending with a space) is interesting. Maybe we find a way to make it show up for that search string.

I find it quite interesting. Perhaps it could show up top as it is an excact match to the search term if you just type “s”.

But I feel I am forcing old ways of thinking over VL, where I should think a bit different. I guess that will come as I use it more.

Call them Send / Receive instead?
That way even people who don’t know beta might get an idea what they are dealing with.

I find it quite interesting that our approach of curating nodes as Advanced or not isn’t helping as many users tend to have them activated in order to not miss out.
As long as the node browser works as it does now: consider having one finger on the TAB key in order to toggle between showing high-level nodes only and including all those advanced ones. But yeah, it’s probably something we need to refine again.

We will most likely name them Set and Get, to reflect better that these nodes do not “Send” or “Receive” anything. they just read and write into a global variable. their “activity” or “moment of execution” isn’t connected to each other. This is different from beta and might be confusing… we made a mistake to name them in the same way, because technically, they are different.


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