hi, I am learning vvvv and play audiovisual noise/experimental electronic using SC3/protoboards/circuitbending.
I’m trying to do a shader that distort the texture, get the colors oversaturated, pixelated and kind of interference esthetic and get the amount of distortion from fft (maybe trough + (spectral))
does anybody has a hint??

for oversaturating and messing with colors, color transformations should be a very flexible tool. create an additional matrix input pin in your shader and multiply this matrix with the final rgba color in the pixel shadre.
now spot the LuminanceMatrix, RGB and HSL nodes in the Transform section of the node menu, and connect these to your matrix pin. only after running out of options here, start connecting SetMatrix to anything

apart from that, lookup tables proved to give visual fun for whole decades:
create a one dimensional texture with FFT->Dynamictexture, and use the final color in your shader to read a pixel from that texture.