Glitch blend fx


I’m looking for a fx similar to the glitch.fx DX11 that blends 2 images fades, but without moving the images horizontally or vertically. Is there something similar, or how could I reconstruct it with other effects

Do you have sort of image to show what your trying to achieve ? I don’t understand exactly if its not vertical nor horizontal what it could be.

the new image is pushed in by the glitch.fx. What I would like is similar to the leaking.fx (I switched the effect to the horizontal) but the glitch is softer… change the images without moving, only a “wave” distortion.

If you want to “wave” the image then you just need a sin on Y texture coordinate while you sample your texture in pixel shader.

Someone interested to do this for payment?

you can see the effect here, its simple done in after effects with a displacement layer.
The new image should be divided into several parts and displaced. With the fade, all image parts are moving in normal position.

maybe something like this?

just using the displace-effect twice with different dynamically generated control textures. there you’ve got lot’s of options to tweak to get your intended result.
displacer.v4p (20.7 KB)

amazing effect! But unfortunately no blending of 2 pictures .The “old” image should be ovrlayer by a “new” image that is composed of moving pieces.

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