Hi all,

I just creted a VVVV group on Gittip

This could help to boost contributions development giving small donations.

Check it, and please join … we need only 150 members :)

nice idea,
i’m member n°2

n°4 :)… no text …

n°11 :P… no text …

12… no text …

13…maybe a good idea to promote this a little bit more as a news rather than a forums post.

yep, maybe better as a page, something more persistent. It should go in the “How to contribute” section.

I added a link to the new page here linkedin-vvvv-users-group, will add the page later, or do it if you want.

@u7angel: here it is the page to edit


@fibo: Why it says access denied!

that’s a default setting, i’ve updated it…