Git weird behaviour


I seem to have some trouble understanding git.

Today I checked out my whole github repository again, and ran the init script again, in order to have a ‘clean’ local repository.

The strange thing is, that when trying to build the addonpack, or anything else, that would fail, because there are NO FILES under the vvvv-sdk\vvvv45\addonpack\src\core folder. However, when I browse, or look at the ‘file tree’ in git-extensions, I can see all of those files, so I suppose they should be there.

How can it be that they are missing? A git bug? Has anyone else experienced similar things already?

(I am using the latest git-extensions)

I did it again from git-bash and now it seems that it works.

Still strange though.

some dirs in the vvvv-sdk are only symbolic links (like the src\core in addonpack). the init-script creates those. so you should definitely see them after you ran the init-script successfully.