Girlpower folder


Thats a very thoughtfull and practical solution. Thank you for putting the effort in this!




i like.

it doesn’t force abandoning part of a naive tribal symbolism, and avoids pain and most likely breaking changes in a small subset of projects.

now, who wants to have the honors and open a thread about how we as a community can have a more welcome culture, not limited to, but especially warm-hearted for future female patchers?


PC put aside - I think the more people you try to please the more diversity you loose. And those silly jokes and wordplays contribute to the unique character of vvvv. In a world where everyone tries to be so f*ing professional I enjoy skilled people who do not take themselves too seriously.

btw if you rename girlpower I demand that you do the same for boygrouping.


schlonzo, that’s just one of many opinions.
And I really don’t want any male patcher to express their thoughts or opinions on this anymore, we’re really not in the position to do any assumptions on how anyone is or is not supposed to be offended by such things.

Solution sounds reasonable.
Renaming boygrouping doesn’t.


@gregsn semi
midterm honestly sounds like the ‘over the rainbow’ timeframe. but prove me wrong.

the folder name is visible in the title bar when you open the patch. so the name will definitely stick around.

having a menu point definitely helps. but probably not as much as one would like, since the menu is super hard to find for beginners. and i don’t believe you’re about to integrate some proper menu into vvvv.

vvvv doesn’t come with a startmenu entry and due to dependencies setup.exe is a must for every fresh beginner. and since there is no lauch option in setup, one’s first footsteps in will be in the vvvv root folder. (left aside the times when you install addonpack, and other packs).
there is no hint to examples/documentation what so ever, except when you know what the term girlpower is.

so my easy fix suggestions:

  • put a weblink to next to vvvv.exe
  • rename girlpower to examples, but create a hardlink named girlpower pointing to examples (this way nothing should break)
  • in setup.exe add a link to documentation, a button to launch vvvv, an option to pop up examples/girlpower folder
    (* having seen how erratic new users handle vvvv when they are lost, maybe the closing dialog would also be a good place to add some hints for help)


in that regard we have a quite prominent UI shortcut free, the F1 button. currently it just opens a general help patch, but we thought we can replace that easily with a help/example browser. also have it in the leaf menu of course. other options will also be discussed in detail… thanks for the ideas, we’ll come back to this.


@tonfilm , a shortcut is a hidden interaction in the first place. a button / dropdown is something you see and don’t have to look up or search. like proposed by vux.