Girlpower and others

There are a few problems with the girlpower examples in beta11.1

  1. Lots of renderers in “Alt-2” mode have the image in the top left of the patch rather than in the renderer box.

  2. A couple of the patches cause a horrible crash when opened. granularvideo is one. Dynamic Mesh/Mesh Editor Sample is another.

  3. Dynamic Mesh/Dynamic Shell often doesn’t produce any output on my machine (though when I just ran it it worked for the first time ever!)

  4. Not a Girlpower, but opening Catweasals Kittylitter patch from herecaused a blue-screen-of-death reboot on my maching


ad 1)
known problem.

ad 2) 3) 4)
all patches mentioned work for me. terrible crashes and especially bsods often are a sign of driver problems.

what system do you have? are you using latest drivers everywhere?

Yep 2, 3 and 4 look like driver incompatibilities to me as well. The graphics card is your favourite: FX5200.

The drivers are very recent and the machine is generally totally stable.

I know that things that work fine on your machine and fail totally on other peoples are a horror to debug. Unfortunately when the BSOD comes up the machine immediately reboots so you can’t capture any information from it. Any ideas for ways to capture information that would help you fix this?

as far as i know, this card hasn’t any shaders, so it doesn’t render these patches i think…

Ah you found my bluescreen easter egg, cool huh?

Errm Sorry?
That is really quite an old patch (2 years?) now, maybe I should patch as easier to understand (and tidier!, and less buggy!) 2 channel to replace it, I’m just upto my neck at the moment, hopefully I’ll get some pictures of the show I’m working on at the moment, driving chroma strips and itiles on the set of a spaceship for a bbc2 series, theres not loads of pixels, but its great getting to wander around the corridors of a space ship in between takes, vvvv in space!