GigE - Ethernet cameras - success with multiple cams?

Has anyone has any success with using multiple ethernet cameras (like the ids imaging cameras) in vvvv for simultaneous low latency use?

I’m looking for a camera solution for a tracking project that is modular (ie can use a varying number of cameras depending on the install) and the benefits of running over cat5 are plenty.

If GigE cameras aren’t the way forward, is there another solution to this problem?



uEye/IDS works pretty well, and have a pretty nice sdk.

We used 14 of those in our latest project ;)

If you need the plug (dx11/native API), let me know got that in hand.

here we used a 5 IDS rig @720p 30fps on the same machine over 2 network adapters, run smoothly with the Dshow driver (dx9)

14 GigE WoW! crazy vux… on the same computer? :)
btw i’m really interested in testing the dx11 plugin!

@vux - ahhh native driver in dx11 sounds amazing. I’d love to try that.

Does it work with any of the ids cameras?

14! What is your latest project?

@Vux - Don’t suppose I could try that IDS plugin?

I have a representative coming on Friday to let me play with product :)

@mrboni : ping me on skype ;)