Ghost image (rendering)

When playing back video (wmv) in the vvvv renderer i seem to get a ghost image of the origonal overlayed halfway down the origonal. The strange thing is is that the origonal is stripped of its color whilst the overlay appears to be the red and blue components. The video plays back fine in windows media player but is a ll screwed up when played back through vvvv. Anyone got any ideas?

Im going filestream and applying the video texture onto a quad.



Just some additional questinons, Which version of vvvv are you using and which version of the videotexture node do you use?

I get strange colours using wmv in beta 19 with videotecture (yuvmixing) see attached screenshot

wrong_colours.jpg (51.4 kB)

Hi Sunep, Im still on beta 16 and am using Video Texture (EX9 Texture vmr9). After you mentioned that i looked inside the inspector and changed the Texture size mode to NonPow2 and it corrected the image. I wish everything was that easy to find sometimes. Heres a screenshot of what was happening to the image anyway.



ghost1.jpg (253.4 kB)

That is strange, no matter what I adjust on the videotexture node, the same result, but glad it worked for you.

even stranger, works fine with wmv, but not mjpeg now. try perhaps attatched patch.


strange-colours-yuv.v4p (9.0 kB)

wmv has always done weired things. i’d suspect this to be graphic-card-driver + windows-mediaplayer-version/codecpack…dependent.

Hey Joreg

the funny thing here is that the wmv files behave as they should, it is when I play picvideo mjpeg encoded clips the strange colours appear. I have installed the decompressor.