Getting vl ADSR to perform more like beta's

Using ADSR in vl the filter never reaches the ‘release’ stage without resetting the node. The value is stuck whatever I set the Sustain as. The release has a time limit but the sustain seems to ignore it. Any ideas?

Do you remember MonoFlop and TogEdge from the good old days? They are as relevant as ever:


Thanks Tebjan, ah okay,
I have the ADSRSettings from a higher patch but I guess I should split the outputs and use the sustain time for the Monoflop?

Sustain is not a time, it is a level in the [0,1] range!


so what you would put as time into the MonoFlop is the gate duration in the above graphic.

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It worked perfectly, and nice illustration. The reset threw me, but all in all its probably a more useful implementation


@tonfilm finally I understand the ADSR filter, I never used it, just decay when I needed something like that, thanks for asking the question @Hadasi :D


It is basically a simpler or more low-level implementation because it doesn’t contain the gate generation that the beta node had. So it separates the functionally of the ADSR behavior and the trigger.

But that should’t stop anyone to to create a node that combines both and works in the same way as the beta one. you could call it AutoADSR or so…

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