Getting started question (Fire & Glox)


Very new to VVVV (coming from Pd) so getting used to things but I have a basic question from this noob!

I have downloaded Fire & Glox from the contributions page and when I go to open the Glox help patch nothing happens and some of the objects are red, seen this on a few other patches as well . I assume this is because something isn’t being loaded up at start up- would appreciate any advice on how I can best set up VVVV or point me in the right direction?

Thanks for your feedback!


Hey Alan,

First and most likely thing to check is that you need the add-on pack correctly installed. Download and instructions here: downloads. Can think of it like PD extended vs core only.

Thanks for your reply - i found what I was looking for
nodes and paths

Ive been using VVVV for a few days now…impressed! want to learn as much as possible- using it along side Pd as well for audio—would welcome any links to other tutorials etc.

Great software! Thanks again