Getting sounds out of vvvv

I was hoping to make an audio controller in vvvv that would have set points for the frequencies of notes and then when prompted output one of those notes. Is there a node that does this? That is have a setpoint for a note frequency and then output that? If so I’d really appreciate knowing what it is called, as it seems that audio out does not do what I want it to. Also what is a good way to take inputs? (probably OSC, I think)

any help would be super great,

hey noah,

vvvv is actually (among many other things) also a vst host. maybe you try to get your notes out via a vst synth… (you can just drag a vst dll into your patch. i was totally dumbfounded when somebody told me that… :D)

for further reference also check the docs…


well you have midinote and midicontroller node also, that output what youwant. tou can exchange them with other ap thuth a midi yoke

I linked few nodes and sent ouput to my Nord Rack 2x, check MidiCtlOut