Getting ride of Net 4.0

Hi , i have a real problem with NET 4 that I stupidelly accepted from windows on my main working video station.
i tried to uninstall it and ( apparently ) succeed.
but on each time i m launching VVVV from the exe i have this panel showing up.

more annoying, when i launch a patch directly double cliking it, this panel appears on each subpatch instance called by the main patch.

by the hell!

i think i need a real help boys !

hi karistouf,

ahm…which panel exactly? can you attach a screenshot?
also with beta25.1 included crack.exe started…what does that say about your .net3.5 SP1 installation?

oups, sorry, i forget to attach the image

this is for beta 23 ( need to correct some old patches so i m avoiding to open them with new vvvv big release system)

25.1 is ok

I’ve been using vvvv on several machines with .NET 4.0 installed, without any problems. You should probably make sure that you also have .NET 3.5 installed. (maybe try uninstalling and re-installing it)

Hum… i m just trying to get my .NET structure clean from it. I m also using SOny Vegas wich is asking for 3.5 that i have installed

might be there is some uninstaller for .NET so you can perform clean install after…

hum… i have strong troubles with slimdx installer and windows… grrr

reinstall sys looks quite straight solution…
don’t think you will be able to save the old one…
might that can help, mostly sure that all troubles coming from .NET shit hidden in your system

also see where @glasspiel reported how he solved his .net issues.

hi joreg ! once again you have pointed to the right solution. The uninstaller tool didn t uninstall my .NET ( i ask to uninstal 2. 3. and 3.5.1 ), but after reboot everything rework, including Texts in 23 !
woaowoaoaowa… thanxs