Getting orientation from aruco marker VL


I am using the MarkerDetector function and I would like to get the rotation information of the marker. Similarly to the angle output returned from the FiducialDetector function.

Hi @acfrost,

What you are describing involves:

  1. Estimating the marker’s pose
  2. Using the obtained Extrinsics to get a View Transform
  3. Inverting the View to end up with the transformation matrix for your marker using the camera centre as the origin
  4. Decomposing to extract the Rotation
  5. Go from the obtained Quaternion to Euler Angles (optional)

I tweaked the “Calculate a camera position using Aruco” help patch a little to save some time:


And here is the patch above:

Extract rotation from Aruco pose estimation.vl (102.9 KB)

Keep in mind you need to calibrate your camera and adjust the marker length in order for things to match your specific setup.

Hope that helps.


Thank you very much for the patch! It was very helpful.

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