Getting data out of VVVV

I am trying to use the fiducial tracker in VVVV to interface with a 3d game editor called unity, and was wondering if there is a good way in which I can get the coordinates of the fiducials that VVVV picks up out of VVVV and into some form which I can parse into untiy. If there is a tutorial that explains this or node that does this, learning about it would be very helpful.


I believe unity supports osc, so thats probably the easiest, have a look at the oscdecoder help patch, if that doesn’t work, ask again! I know some people here use unity, so they might have more to say on the matter!

true, osc is the way to go. you’ll have to get yourself some c# script that does the receiving and parsing in unity though.
i think this thread might have all the information you’ll need ->