Getting data from new Phidget Hub

Has anybody had any success yet connecting one of the newer phidget interface boards?

I’m looking at the VINT Hub Phidget (HUB0000_0) right now but cannot get it to work. The older PhidgetInterfaceKit 8/8/8 works right out of the box with the Manager and IO nodes from the addon pack, giving me the sensor readouts.

Thanks everybody!

Hey there,

According to their API doc, this nuget can handle this device.

Maybe you could try wrapping this in a VL dynamic plugin?

Cool, thank you! Managed to find a very relevant earlier discussion based on your input.

In case anyone else is looking for something similar, there is an example for a VL dynamic plugin here: Nugets, Phidgets, and gamma

I managed to get the example running using a 1018_2B phidget but not yet with the HUB0000_0. I will look into this.

The Info from the API documentation looks straight-foward but I’m having trouble even getting the phidget to show up as attached. Any help is greatly appreciated!

dyn_plugin_VL_2 dyn_plugin_VL

In your patch, the Create nodes are assigned to the Update operation, which means they are running every frame. This implies that you are creating a new instance of Hub, opening it with the Open node and read its Attached property, every frame.

I would insert a pad after the Create node and assign it to Create. This way, when your patch starts, the Create operation will be called only once, and the Hub instance it creates will be stored in the pad. Then, you can call your Open and Attached operations from that pad.

But you might not want to call the Open operation every frame, so you have two options here :

  • either also assign it to Create so that when your patch starts, you create an instance of Hub and open it right after
  • or right click/configure the Open node and select Show Apply. This will create an Apply input pin that just applies the operation when it’s banged. This way, you can Open the device with a bang.

Might look like this :


Hi there,
we managed the connection to the Hub an we are even able to open and close the connection.
But we don’t get any data from the digitalinput.

What did we do wrong?

Thank you!

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