Getting and Setting Kontrolleur Values in a Patch

I’m presuming this is possible with a plugin, but how would I go about getting a list of all exposed ioboxes and values, and also go about setting them?
I’m lacking anything android here, too…
I’m thinking a modular dx gui with items appearing automagically, maybe filter by subpatch name. Please explain in terms a novice coder can understand, if possible ;)


see Server (VVVV) for a plugin that does all that:

or its helppatch on how to set/get values. no android needed. the kontrolleur-app is basically just a proof of concept of the thing you have in mind.

so if you just want to patch that dx-gui you’d simply start with that helppatch and ask more detailed questions from there. does that help?

Yes it does, I’ll have to wait till I’ve got some more time to delve in to this I think, I already have a modular interface, hence me asking, but I’m going to have to work out how to get descriptive names and Toggle/Bang/Int etc out of this plugin!
thinking cap on…

ah and there is also PinInfo (VVVV) that should help you on the way…

Ah! Yes that looks perfect!

here is how i do it at the moment. the oldschool way: prune to get values and setpatch to set them. at least i get the complete information about the io boxes.

is this much worse performance wise than doing it with pinserver/plugins? (3.5 MB)

it’s far less nodes, thus faster? (17.1 kB)

@Sebl clean :)
Seems I’ve been mising Server and exposed pins all this time! Cool stuff!

sadly the order (from Pininfo) is kind of random, so you’ll need some additionally sorting/sifting.

so pininfo doesnt give back the value of an io box? an additional udp server/osc decoder also not working in this case as the port is allready blocked by the server node…

isn’t the feedback thingy from Server(VVVV) meant for this

So getting back to this, Server and PinInfo give me a lot of info, but they dont tell me what the value of the iobox is currently at, I guess this only matters when I create the iobox as from that point I’ll probably be setting it via gui, however I do like being able to adjust it in the patch as well, is there anyway to do this, am I missing something obvious?

Ah yes, setting the feedback port helps for feedback!

Can you get values for colour inboxes and vectors?
I’m struggling to get this to work, vectors only seen to get 1 value, colours you get 4 csv but they don’t seen to change 0,1,0,1
Is this right? I’ll try and make demo patch, but I’m on a train at the moment…

and i’m struggling to understand what you mean. you know the old saying: a patch speaks more than a thousand words.

So I was missing the binsize from the osc message. Doh!

I’m still having issues with colour, on opening this patch, adjust the color iobox and you get a spread of 4 colours in the osc reciever, with the binsized input this adds them into 1 slice, which messes things up when you have a feedback loop in there, any idea why this happens?

I also dont seem to be able to send text or colours in this patch back to the ioboxes, a clue there would be helpful!

Server (VVVV) help.v4p (38.2 kB)

sorry, still not clear what you’re doing here. it seems to me the patch is doing fine.

well that is what you’re telling it to do.

did you note that your iobox (color) has a spreadcount of 4? maybe that confuses you?

otherwise when patching a demo:

  • explain what you expect to see as a result given a specific input
  • show with your patch what you actually get instead
    that would help identifying your problem

OK, I hadn’t noticed that, I hadn’t set it to 4 slices, so I presume the osc feedback did that for me, I just created it via a double right click.
But still the text inbox doesn’t update when changing the string input to the oscencoder node, not the colour update when changing values in the io boxes, the value inboxes do however.

k, for the Color Input you have to quote the string you send with Pipe like:
for the string i am actually not sure atm. because when creating another string iobox in the same patch it works for me…


Heres a 1st version…

So I’m continuing this project, I was hoping to make the presets more intelligent and address any pin in any patch (thats been exposed)so I saved the pin adresses in with the preset, but needless to say when I reload the patch ID’s have shifted, and so the presets dont work! (Actually its the root patch id that has changed, but this is obviously a possible reliability issue in general)
any ideas of how I can get around this conceptually, or is it just not going to be possible?
Basically, in a recent project I made a timeline that saved keyframes, but I want more flexibility, I was planning on trying to get the presets in my gui to be placed onto a timeline so they can trigger events to any patch they’re attached to.