Getting all entries of an enum via plugin interface

hello all.

is there an example how to get all entries of an enum io box, via plugin interface. is it possible at all?

not sure but i guess you have to pull the values directly from the source node as the io box input value pin (which you “ask”) only store the selected value - you could do this by parse the connections of the io-box itself. i think the io-box right click behavior will do the same.

thx for the hint (instead of pulling it from the connected node, i had to pull it from the enumobject directly). have it working now:

if (pin.Type == "Enumeration"){
								string enumname = pin.SubType; //get the pins subtype
								enumname = enumname.Substring(enumname.IndexOf(',')+2, enumname.LastIndexOf(',')-enumname.IndexOf(',')-2 ); //cut out the part between the two commas (its the enum name)
								int enumcount = EnumManager.GetEnumEntryCount(enumname); //gets the enumentrycount. used to iterate through the entry indices 
								string enumentry = EnumManager.GetEnumEntry(enumname,0); //get the first enum entry
								for (int j = 1; j < enumcount; j++){ // get the rest of the enum entries
									enumentry = enumentry + ", " + EnumManager.GetEnumEntry(enumname,j); //add the entries up to one string
								FEnumEntries[i](i) = enumentry;