Getting a studio started

Hey all

We’ve just started our interaction design/ media arts studio Kimchi and Chips. We’ve got a selection of projects already and have technical ideas and emotional concepts for new installations/products/experiments.
Current projects include:

  • Volumetric 3D projections
  • Projection mapping
  • Emotional communication tool
  • Interactive display wall
    (our website is quick to look at)

What I’m asking is:
Does anybody have any suggestions at to how to get started?
Does anybody know of any exhibitions or festivals that we could submit works to?
Are their any agencies in Europe who would be interested in this type of work?

Any other advice about getting started is much appreciated.

Off to Korea in February to teach some v’s…


ai sugoku,

i think you’ve mastered the most difficult part already with your website…

off to some festivals:
(a non-extensive/random listing)

thanks a lot for the list!
will get on it

Get your stuff out there as much as possible; however small the gig, you never know who is going to see it. For a long time be prepared to do stuff for free, stuff where your costs are covered and stuff where you make money. Be prepared to work all day and night. Be prepared to lose your social life.

just stumbled apon another one:

any idea when Node 10 might be added to that list ;)?

NODE10 will be added soon! Stay patient for a while. You’ll here from us.

Will it be on at the same time as the Luminale?