Getting a matrix from a matrix

lets suppose i have a iobox color matrix of 100 by 100
with a spread of 10000 colors, and i want to split that in 4 matrix of 25 by 25
and i want to send the data from the 1st quarter of the big matrix to a second matrix, is there a simple way of doing it ?
and if i want to chose the any 3x3 matrix inside that 100x100 matrix to be send to a 3x3 matrix…
is there a matematical way of doing it ?

i can do it by hand, once, but i need to be able to chose dinamicaly wich area i want to send out and the size of the sample matrix…

With two I (Spreads) and Cross (2d) you can generate the indices for a GetSlice (Spreads):

GetMatrixFromMatrix.v4p (10.5 kB)

Love you tonfilm!!! :)
just what i need!!

no prob!.. no text …

pipet dmx!