Getting 3d data from kinect depth

Hey guys, I have been having a blast with my kinect and vvvv and have been making some really cool little projects. one thing that eludes me though is how to use the depth data to get z coordinates for my animations. a good example is how you can use a terrain shader to create a height field, but I am trying to be able to use the z data for more than just that one example. any help would be greatly appreciated.

Here’s what I’m planning on using…

You can just use skeleton plugin from contributions. It’s have depth output. Just remember, that you must use openNI/Nite and custom drivers for it.

yeah i am really confused as to how to get that working…sorry. theres no way to just drive displacement with the depth image and translate that data to a numerical value for vertices? ive looked into the pipet node but dont know if that can do what i am trying

Yes, you must just use pipet node to take pixel colors from depth texture and then split colors to HSV by node with the same name. Just use “Value” pinOut as Z coordinate and pixel x and y as X and Y.

I was so curious and I tryed


KinectPipet.v4p (16.4 kB)

wow thank you so much! this is exactly what i was looking for

cool stuff. for better performance feed the kinect-texture into heightmap-displacement-shader.

i’ve implemented a spreadable pipet on

(3rd time i’ve posted that link here in 10 minutes)