Getslice (node) and quads. weird!

hi dear community

Am I missing something? Or is it just me?
in my newest beta 25.1 i cannot getslice quads. Is this a bug?
Probably I never used this approach so far, but isn´t it supposed to work?

when i connect GetSlice (Node) to a spread of layers coming from a quad, i cannot get my desired slices. The GetSlice (Node) has no effect and all the quads are drawn in the renderer.

see the attached patch.

getsliceNquads.v4p (6.2 kB)

to my knwoledge, that’s always been like this

right, a layer is a layer… no slices there, actually its just a function called by the renderer. i thought that gregsn removed the spread count some day, which can be irritating. if you connect a Group in between, you can see it better.

you can use the getslice on the spread of transforms… or describe what you were trying to do?

I know that Layer belongs somehow to the Node category but maybe since it doesn´t really work it shouldn´t be possible to connect those nodes?

@dEp: i was looking for a good way to randomize drawing orders, with several nodes that output Layers.
I therefore also wanted to “cons” these Layers. I thought, if a quad outputs a spread of Layers, I should be able to “cons” them, and then randomize the order. But the “cons” of which i thought, is actually a group. And i knew the group doesn’t output a spread. I was just mislead by having a spread of Layers.


@bjoern: I agree that the quad shouldn’t output a spread of Layers, since it is not possible to treat the quads individually anymore, and threrefore no getslice either… no?
when is the new beta going to be released?

layer slices won’t show up in next version

though i kinda liked the feature to see the resulting object-spread count…
especially with spreaded shader inputs.
couldn’t we have it shown somewhere else?

I am with Woei here, now it is gone,I have to hoover above all the pins to see what I am getting.

I know it might be confusing for the “getslice people”, for debugging it was handy.

Can we get a pin so I can see how many Quads I ended up with?

Removing/hiding information wasn´t what I had in mind either.

now that i think of it… i liked it too, that it shows the object count…

hmm. not so sure about that bug fix either. sorry for the inconvenience…