Get vertex XYZ position

Hi guyz,

I have a grid mesh with some displacement on it, and I’d like to put some quads between pairs of vertex from that mesh.

So I was hoping to be able to get a spread with XYZ position of each vertex out of my mesh’s geometry. I found the getvertexdata node from instance noodles, but it outputs a “position buffer” and I don’t know what to do with that…

Thx !

Position buffer used for instanced nodes, look for something instanced in node browser

Really stuck here.

What I’m looking for is exactly what a Grid / Mesh / VertexBuffer would do in dx9, but in dx11…

This not exactly the same but you should be able to connect readback float3 to position buffer.

This due to most of the data in dx11 located directly on gpu. That’s why you can’t easily view that, the position buffer is actually exactly what you are looking for but it made so you can reuse it the shader, without getting it back out of gpu

There are also few surprises when you get your data back, you will have quite alot of duplicated vertexes. Think you can try to avoid it if you connecy Topology node with point list before getvertexdata node

Great ! Thx a lot.

As I don’t know much about programming languages, I’m not confortable with shaders. I prefere to work with nodes in vvvv.

I guess I will have to dive in eventually ;-)

Maybe Mesh split and VertexBuffer split work for you?

@Boris26 advice: if you want to seriously work with interactive content you must learn at least some basic programming patterns. dedicate some evenings and weekends to it if you already have a full time job. HLSL/GLSL syntactically such a simple languages, it’s almost like pure C but better because you don’t even have pointers in there. It’s a great gateway to programming with the added benefit that you’ll have better view on how to program massively parallel problems. Read MSDN resources, make them your bed time reading material! It helps you to fall asleep as well with their long very specific sentences. amazing stuff, learn traditional programming because that will also help you with vvvv too ;)

Start here

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