Get transforms back (rotate, scalex, scaley, etc...)?

o.k. thats a beginner question: how can i get transformations back?
ApplyTransform gives xyz coordinates back but i need rot, scale, etc…
any node or methode?
seng u

iDLikeMyValuesBack.v4p (5.6 kB)

sorry, you cant… from a single vector, you can only get the translation, which is the vector itself. then you can get angles to the coordinate axis with Polar (3d Vector) and scaling compared to a unit vector with Normalize (3d Vector). but the 3 don’t add up to the vector, each result fully describes the vector, hence its only in very rare cases what you want…

imagine you could do it… then, why would any high performance realtime 3d engine use 4x4 matrices if they could use just a vector with 3 values to describe a transformation?

if you have a Matrix, then you can use Decompose (Transform) to get the values back, this works in most cases.

decompose works also with all transformation nodes output ;-)

Decompose is great. thanks!