Get track volume from ableton live

hello there,

first of all…
what i want to achieve is to generate visuals reacting on parameters from single tracks in ableton live and not just the master output.

has anyone a suggestion how to get single tracks (or at least the volume imformation) from ableton live streamed to vvvv?

i tried LiveOSC, but there i just could recieve static informations like where the volume limiter is set. what i need is a stream of the actual volume level.

i also tried “wormhole2” which gets pretty close, but lacks in accuracy. maybe also because i’m doing this on one machine.

then i gave “peakfreak” a chance, but i’m stumbling in transporting the midi information to vvvv. i thought “midi yoke” could be solution for that, but i run windows 7 (64) and there’s no version for that.

any ideas?

you need to turn of UAC during installation.

there is also OSCGlue, which i’m hoping to try soon…

for virtual midi loopback, i’ve used loopbe

i’ll try.

i tried OSCGlue before, and the connection was quite good, but i could only manage to transfer information, that i drew into the audio track by myself, like a effect curve. but maybe i just didn’t get it.

THANKS so far

peakfreak + midiyoke works fine, I’ve used it for 4 tracks on xp and then window 7 64. Should be able to use it for more if you want.