Get specific noise values


I would like to build a fuse patch, where the position of a sphere follows the height of a noise topography. Something along these lines:


(This is obviously not correct because the elevation of the sphere is not in sync with the height at the xy position of the topography. )

I came up with this solution:

The sphere indeed changes in height, but not the way i want it. I could use the node “nearest point on sdf” but I found if expensive and it also changes the xy values.

Does anybody can give me a hint how to fix that?

Isn’t this what the ConformToSDF does? Have a look at the help patch… Or do you mean something else?

My understanding is that ConformToSDF is a force for particles. This is not quite what i am after, let me have another go:

I have a set of x and y coordinates and i would like to find out the corresponding z value form a noise node.

In that case, i could move my sphere along x and y and the centre would always be on the surface of the SDF…

Does that make sense?

This help?
IWillGrowUpToBeAHelpPatchOneDay.vl (26.7 KB)

oh, cool! thanks a lot! i will have a look! Great!