Get rotation from transform

I want to get the coordinates of a quad’s corners as it rotates.
Apply transform doesnt seem to help with rotations, so i figure getmatrix is what i need. Slices of the transform-matrix that change with rotation are 0,1,4,5. How do i convert this values to angle?

Or is there another way?

get_rotation.v4p (8.1 kB)

I’m not sure, if this is what you’re looking for, but if you actually want to get the rotated coordinates, * (3D Vector) might help.
You can multiply any point (e.g 0.5/0.5, which is one of the quad’s corners) with any transformation matrix, to get the transformed point.

get_rotation2.v4p (10.0 kB)

ApplyTransform (Transform) would work if you used it correctly. If you want to rotate the corners of the Quad, you have to input their coordinates into the X, Y and Z-pins of the ApplyTransform. Rotating (0,0,0) around (0,0,0) like your Patch is doing now won’t result in any movement.