Get rid of inside geometry + greebles generator [3d printing with vvvv]

Some time ago I started a module to automaticaly generate greebles or spacles, however it is called, on a mesh.

As an outcome I have something in mind like this:

The idea is simple: it distributes objects around an object and keeps the one that are intersecting with the mesh. It would also rotate the greebles to the UVs of the object. So far so good.

Then I join the meshes in vvvv.

And now I have a problem. How do I get rid of vertices that lay inside of the mesh?

3d printing and crazy high detail objects for renderings still hang a bit at this point.

don’t think it’s possible, as i know the only way is hand modding the models to remove vertices.
obviously there is a way to test mesh with distance field but i can’t help you much with that
all i know that if you destribute along the sphere for instance the distance function will be sin(x)

You might try having a search around “Constructive solid geometry” - you might find a library.

It covers all the booleen mesh operations.

This is only useful once you have exported your meshes from vvvv…

but you should try Meshlab, its not just perfect for importing and exporting various formats, but also offers a lot of reconstruction, and cleaning filters.

It should be useful in this case…

Ah this tutorial works realy good with meshes that were joined from primitives via vertexbuffer (join) and have been exportet:

This is the missing link between vvvv generative meshes and 3d printing :)

  • build spread of boxes or spheres in vvvv
  • use the attached writer (mesh join) that I refined from a tonfilm patch from somwhere in the forum
  • use Assimp View to Import the .x file and export it as .STL again
  • use Meshlab by applying the poisson mesh reconstruction filter and go from there with further cleaning etc…
  • 3d print!

edit: this can also be helpfull if you do not want to remesh:

Writer (Mesh Join).v4p (30.0 kB)