GET RGB-Data from a Video

I like to get Colorinformations of a Video showing on the Screen.

To make an Output to DMX I like to devide the Screen in subareas, and then get an average Colorinformation about this Area. If I control RGB-LEDs with this Data I expect intressting Effects.

Ans Idea how to do that?

look at the help patch of Pipet (EX9.Texture), its excatly what you need !

Texture TMTextureNode9
This will be my Video?

X Normalized Real (0.00 … 1.00)
Y Normalized Real (0.00 … 1.00)
This is x/y of my Area?

Width Integer (0 … MaxInt)
Height Integer (0 … MaxInt)
This is the size of my Area?

If three yes will be your answer, this will cost me a lot of nights :-)

I already did that, just look at my Ambilight project, I used Artnet to send my DMX out. :)

  1. Filestream -> VideoTexture -> Pipet
    or VideoIn -> VideoTexture - > Pipet

  2. yes, 0/0 should be the upper left corner

  3. yes, in pixels i guess, but not sure …

Well, then: Thank you very much.
I will give it a try next week, here at home I have a MAC, so no v4 possible.