Geometry plugin that creates spread of meshes

I’m trying to create a plugin that generates a spread of meshes for my project. This doesn’t seem to be an issue for other types of plugins as I can always set the slicecount in my evaluate function. For DXMeshOutPluginBase however there doesn’t seem to be a output pin and instead it seems to be built into the class (with the caveat that you can only output one mesh per frame).

Is there anyway to do this?


right, there is always only one mesh. but meshes can have multiple subsets. so basically your plugin has to concatenate several meshes to one (with subsets). have a look at vuxens 2dmesh nodes, they do exactly that:

Thanks Joreg! That helps a bunch!

A follow-up question related to this:
Say I have a mesh with a subset of meshes. I want to be able to feed this into an effect and render each subset at different positions. This would seem to work fine when I have a one to one mapping between my subsets and my transforms. However, if I want to render subset A at X transforms, subset B at Y transforms and subset C and Z transforms, I can’t figure out a way to do this. It seems like I have no control over how subsets and transforms get matched up by the effect given the slices I give them.

Just wondering if there is any way I can tell the effect which transforms to render a subset at.


subset-slices and transform-slices correspond to each other like any other slices of any type.

you need to multiply the subset-slices for as many times you want to transform them.

so from your subsets:
make a spread of:
using the GetSlice (Node) (since there is no Select for type ‘Node’ which you’d usually use for such an operation.

then you can provide a spread of transforms like:

and you should get what you want (if i got you right).