Generic ex9 multiscreen bug


  • sometimes an ex9 texture sent to a mesh fails to show up on one of multiple fullscreen renderers
  • same with transforms that get ‘lost’ on one of multiple fullscreen renderers

possible triggers

  • texfx are almost? always in the pipeline in texture situations
  • dis- or re-connecting subpathces/group nodes in transform situations
    (temp) fix
  • dis- and reconnecting pins solves this most of the times
  • however, at other times it will show right on the renderer that had the problem, but will fail on another (xor)


  • this has been going on for many betas and pc configurations
  • tty reads nothing… maybe once it reported an error in a group(ex9)
  • impossible to reproduce in order to post a patch
  • not an user error

general impression is that something doesn’t click in the pipeline

? anybody else experiencing something similar over the last years, please help in pinpointing this error

here is an exception from a patch with 5 fullscreen renders, all using individual grideditors that are fed a chain of tex fxs.
behavior: when i change the texfx chain,

  • one fullscreen render might freeze
  • another might loose the grideditors vertex information
  • another might show up like it is missing one of the tex fx
  • reactivating then means resetting/reconnecting different nodes/subpatches

exc dia.txt (36.5 kB)

I can confirm this one, unfortunately as mentioned above the behavior is not consistent so it’s difficult to file a proper bug report.
Sometime a render will disappear and you have to hit ALT3-ALT1 to make it appear again, then you can go fullscreen.

a similar situation that might hint at the (un)availability of resources as a cause for errors:

  • patch running 5 fullscreen renderers
  • a mesh visibile on all screens
  • subpatch containig a texture fx chain that is feeding the mesh from a medium sized (800x600) source image

switching the source image to a larger one (3000x2000) would hinder the mesh to show the texture on all 5 screens, but only on 4 of them
resetting the subpatch does not help in this case (in other situations, resetting the texfx subpatch would solve the problem)
switching back to the medium sized (800x600) source image would return to normal behavior

a similar report has been filed

also, attached is another exception linked to this behaviour

vvvv.exe-exception-2014-10-24.log (38.4 kB)

I have had the same problem, when creating a mesh to make it fit a curved screen. my solution, which is running stable in beta33.1 is to have the renderers rendering the multiscreen textures in windows on the same screen as it is being run in fullscreen.